Local Solicitors Launch PIP Implant Action Group in the Southwest

Slee Blackwell Solicitors are leading a campaign to win justice for victims of the PIP breast implant scandal.

Solicitor, James McNally has set up a legal action group from the firm’s Exeter offices, offering free advice to women who have been fitted with the defective PIP breast implants. She has already helped over 30 women and the number is growing by the day.

“The latest information is that over 50,000 women across the UK have received PIP implants. I have spoken to victims nationally and across the West Country and it is clear that they are all very worried and understandably very scared. They are finding it extremely difficult to get clear information and guidance from health professionals, and are being told by some private clinics that they will have to pay extra fees to have the PIP implants removed. This is simply beyond the budget of most victims, many of whom had to save hard in the first place to pay for the procedure. It is plain that they are not getting the support they deserve and they really don’t know who to turn to for help.”

“The health secretary has said that every provider has a responsibility to put things right. I couldn’t agree with him more and it is on that basis that we are offering PIP implant victims help and advising on a range of issues including PIP implant compensation. Women are entitled to be compensated for what they have had to go through but more importantly we are fighting for compensation to be made available so that defective PIP implants can be removed and replaced. It seems only fair that the situation is fully resolved in this way so these innocent women can put this nightmare behind them and get on with their lives.”

“It’s complicated because insurers and private clinics involved in the PIP fiasco have taken the view that they are not responsible. This unhelpful response is just causing even more stress and upset for those affected. What we need to ensure is that the needs of the PIP implant victims come first and that they receive the help and PIP implant compensation they deserve.” 

Any women wishing to join Slee Blackwell’s PIP breast implant legal action group should contact the firm by phone or email.

Local Solicitors Launch PIP Implant Action Group in the Southwest
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