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Mobility scooter accidents are increasing at a staggering rate and our injury claim team are rapidly becoming recognised experts in this emerging field of law.

We were initially approached by the BBC a couple of years ago to assist with an  investigation after they heard about the mobility scooter accident claims we had dealt with. Since then our expertise in this area has developed and we regularly pursue compensation claims on behalf of innocent victims who have been injured by a mobility scooter.

While most drivers of mobility scooters are considerate to the pedestrians they share the pavements with, some are careless and a few are totally reckless. Politicians have discussed making driving tests for mobility scooters compulsory but no action has yet been taken.

One particular problem that injured pedestrians face is the failure of mobility scooter drivers to stop after an accident. Another is that they do not have insurance and are in no position to pay compensation to their victims. Under the law, mobility scooters are not classed as ‘motor vehicles’ and while insurance can be obtained it is not compulsory and very few users take it out. However, mobility scooter users may find that they have insurance cover under other non-specific policies of insurance.

Mobility scooter accidents don’t just occur on the pavement. A judge recently ruled that a woman must pay £13,000 in compensation following a mobility scooter accident in a  supermarket.

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