Your Local Compensation Solicitors

Slee Blackwell are your local compensation solicitors.

We are one of the South West’s oldest and longest established firms of solicitors in the region, and celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2020.

We have a network of local offices in Devon and Somerset, including Barnstaple, Exeter, and Taunton.

We cover the whole of the West Country region. This includes not just Devon and Somerset but also Cornwall, Wiltshire, Dorset and Avon.

Being local, we can offer the personal touch.  We will treat you as a person, not as a file.

We are proud of our local reputation and rely on word-of-mouth referrals for a large proportion of our work.  We therefore have every incentive to ensure that our reputation is enhanced and will strive to provide you with the very best service.

Unlike so many of the companies advertising personal injury law on the internet, we are not a glorified call centre. Nor are we unqualified middlemen, passing your claim on to the highest bidder.

Being based in Devon and Somerset, you have the option of meeting your lawyer on a face-to-face basis if you wish.  Many people are happy to deal with their claim over the phone, or by email – and that’s fine with us.  However, circumstances do arise from time to time when it is helpful to be able to meet and talk directly with your lawyer.

By using us you will also gain the advantage of the local knowledge our solicitors have built up over the years.  For instance, if you’ve had a road accident then there is every chance that one of our lawyers will be familiar with the stretch of road in question.  Or if you have suffered injury in an accident at work then we might well have already pursued a similar claim against the employer at some point in the past.

Being based in the South West also gives us the edge when it comes to gathering vital evidence.  Our lawyers are able to visit an accident scene at a moment’s notice to take photographs or preserve important evidence.

So, by choosing local compensation solicitors you gain a range of benefits that are simply not available elsewhere.

We are always happy to have an informal chat on a free of charge basis and are happy to work on a no win, no fee basis. So if you think you may have a claim thats worth pursuing then either give us a call or send us an email. And if you’d like to pop into see us at one of our local offices in Devon and Somerset then you are very welcome to do so.

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