Stress at Work Claims

Stress at work is on the increase, with over 400,000 work related illnesses due to stress arising every year. This makes stress the most common cause of absence for workers in the non-manual sector. Health professionals, social workers and teachers are particularly affected by stress.

Some of the symptoms commonly associated with work related stress include:

  • change in eating habits
  • problems sleeping
  • chest pain
  • irritability
  • depression
  • high blood pressure.

Stress at work often occurs as a result of work pressure and lack of managerial support. Bullying and harassment can also be a major contributor.

Stress at work claims are not straightforward and the courts have imposed a number of requirements that must be met before a claim can succeed.

These include:

  • You suffer from a recognised psychiatric condition;
  • The condition was caused or exacerbated by your employment;
  • The condition was foreseeable (eg you complained about issues to your employer); and
  • The employer could have taken steps that would have prevented the condition arising.

If you feel that you satisfy these requirements then we will be happy to assess your stress at work claim.

Although we are based in Devon and Somerset, our lawyers represent stress at work claimants from all over England and Wales, so even if you are not local we can still help you.

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