Making a rape compensation claim

Rape Crisis, an organisation that promotes the needs and rights of women and girls who have experienced sexual violence, has reported an increase in the volume of enquiries it receives.They are now handling almost 4,000 calls a week.

The rise in the number of enquiries has resulted in a commensurate increase in the level of specialist support the charity provides to victims of rape and sexual violence, rising by 29% in the last year.

Statistics released by the Ministry of Justice, in conjunction with the Office for National Statistics and the Home Office, show that each year approximately 85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped in England and Wales. This very roughly equates to 11 rapes every hour.

The number of victims reporting rape and sexual violence is low. It is estimated that just 15% come forward to report their experiences to the police.

Reporting a rape or a sexual assault can often be crucial to the victim being able to claim compensation. There is no requirement for the perpetrator to have been charged or even arrested by the police, as long as the crime is actually reported.

We have an award winning team that specialises in abuse and rape compensation claims and have created a dedicated website containing a huge amount of information and case studies that you can read by following this link. Our specialist local lawyers offer free guidance to rape victims about reporting the crime. They can also assist with applying to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (the CICA) for an award of compensation. ]

A rape compensation claim can made on a No Win – No Fee basis, so worries about legal costs shouldnt deter anyone from seeking justice.

Needless to say, we fully appreciate the sensitive nature of these issues and our lawyres will deal with any enquiry compassionately and confidentially.

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Making a rape compensation claim
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