Diabetes Amputations in Devon are Increasing

The number of diabetes amputations in Devon is increasing. In the NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group area diabetes amputations have risen by 6% since 2013.

The largest rise was in the number of diabetes amputations involving the patient’s toe or foot. Diabetic patients are particularly susceptible to complications involving their feet and legs due to the loss of blood supply.

It is believed that around 9% of people in the NHS Northern, Eastern And Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group’s suffer from diabetes, some of whom are living with it undiagnosed. This equates to approximately 80,200 people.

It has however been suggested that more can be done to help diabetics and that some patients are suffering unnecessary complications due to poor or inadequate medical treatment.

Oliver Thorne, who is a partner at Slee Blackwell’s office in Barnstaple, Devon, says that patients are regularly being let down:

“It is so important that a diagnosis of diabetes is made as early as possible. Where symptoms are wrongly diagnosed or there is a material delay in diagnosing the condition, devasting consequences can arise.

Diabetes amputations are particularly worrying as these can have a life changing impact on the patient.”

Other complications that can arise due to medical mismanagement of a patient suffering from diabetes include, kidney failure, blindness and heart attacks.

“It is essential that medical staff are fully trained and alert to the rising problem of diabetes here in Devon”, added Oliver. “Although billions of pounds are being invested in public health services, medical mistakes and medical negligence continues to present a real danger to diabetics.”

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Diabetes Amputations in Devon are Increasing
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