Devon contaminated water outbreak

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South West Water has apologised to customers after the waterborne parasite cryptosporidiosis caused residents in Brixham and the surrounding areas to become seriously ill.

It is believed that hundreds of people have been infected by the diarrhoea-type disease, with 16,000 homes and businesses being advised to boil their water until further notice for drinking, cooking, preparing food and brushing teeth.

South West Water bosses have admitted the company has “fallen significantly short” of expectations. The cause of the outbreak has yet to be officially confirmed, but it is suspected that a damaged air valve on a pipe in a field containing cattle is the likely source of entry for the parasites. The company’s technicians have been working around the clock and South West Water has assured residents that it would “not stop working until the situation has been resolved”.

Cryptosporidiosis is a waterborne disease that may be passed between individuals. This means those caring for anyone who is infected are at heightened risk of contracting the disease themselves.

If you are suffering with symptoms, it is recommended that you stay hydrated with boiled or bottled water and to seek medical attention if they become worse or persist.

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Devon contaminated water outbreak
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